1208101 Healthcare Leadership


1. Describe the participants and environmental context of the meeting or activity. Compare and contrast the purpose of each activity.

I belong to APRN group at Kaiser; we are 9 NPs with different focus, FNP, PMHNP, Mid-wife, Nurse Anesthetist, nurse educators. We meet once a month to talk about hospital policy and how to be independent without calling the MDs every consult. I do all psychiatric consultation in the hospital but my supervisor psychiatrist wants me to discuss all cases.

2. Describe issues addressed at meeting or in the activity.

We want to create an standardized procedure where we don’t have to call MDs for the consults like the other states where NP practice independently.

3. Analyze the specific impact of professional organizations, advocacy and influence of nurse leaders in influencing health policy.

It does impact our time for calling MDs for the consultation. MDs just want to hear the cases and 99% of time don’t give us a new recommendation. So why do we have to call for every single case?

4. What did you learn?

We are learning that some hospitals/MDs don’t require for NPs to call them every case.

5. How will you use what you learned in your future practice as a doctorally prepared nursing leader?

I will continue to attend conferences for California NPs to be independent, just like Colorado.

Description of environmental context, participants

Describes issues addressed in the activity

Analysis of the impact of professional organizations, advocacy, and influence of nursing leaders

Insight into own learning, application of experiences/knowledge, and skills gained to practice as a doctorally prepared nursing leader

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