WNUR01 Nursing


E-portfolio or electronic portfolio is comprised of different set of electronic records that includes the set of electronic records such as personal details, academic qualification. acquired skills and personal expertise of the person writing those etonfolio (Green. Wyllie& Jackson. 2014).
These records are type of dynamic record system which is generally used and maintained by using interne) and it also provides the user with the ability to edit its details on acquisition or upgradation of any skill or personal details so that an up to dated e-portfolio could be obtained (Ten Cate ct al.. 2015). Therefore, using c-Ponfolio, the users can provide a detailed analysis of their own learning objectives so that it could be properly put up in important situations to determine the learning outcomes achieved by the learner.
In case of students, learning objectives and achievements related e-Portfolio help them to understand their progress and using this students can reflect on their leamings and experiences with proper documentation of their goals. and provide a list of the used resources, that help them to develop themselves as an efficient professional in their field of choice (Green. Wyllie & Jackson. 2014). In this section. discussion about c portfolio in the nursing profession and its development will be discussed. specifically in the section c-Portfolio development related to the nursing practitioner after the completion of bachelors in nursing will be discussed (Hamric et al.. 2013). 
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