Traditional Hijama Cupping Therapy Assignment

Political and Economic Impacts on Immunization Delivery and Hijama Therapy

Alizeh Lateef, a Syrian refugee, comes to the clinic you work in as an EN, with her baby boy for Measles

vaccination. She seems depressed.

She informs you that she is having trouble settling in Melbourne. She is poor and dependent on the Australian government for funds.

She explains that the Australian government has stopped accepting refugees currently. This means the rest of her family cannot enter Australia.

She has a severe backache which is not subsiding with Nurofen. She tells you that she is considering undergoing traditional Hijama therapy.

Meanwhile, she asks you to prescribe her a stronger painkiller. You apologise and inform her that you cannot prescribe.

You are trained in vaccinating children.

However, due to increased loads of patients and lesser vaccine supply by the government, you are instructed by your supervisor to inform her to come for vaccination next week with a prior appointment.

Before she leaves, you provide her with information regarding available resources to assist her with her presenting care needs. You also offer her reassurance to promote her emotional and social wellbeing.

You also noticed her depressive state, and for its further treatment, you organised an appropriate referral in liaison with your RN.

Answer all questions:

Q1. State at least three agencies / health services that would facilitate positive health outcomes for Alizeh

and her boy? PC1.2, PC3.3

Q2 What are the social or cultural influences that are impacting her health? PC1.3, PC3.2, KE7

HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing

HLTENN001 – Practice nursing within the Australian health care system

Student Assessment V4.1 – December 2020 19

Assessor Guide


Student Assessment

Q3 What are the political and economic impacts on immunization delivery in this scenario? PC1.4, KE8

Q4 What is hijama cupping? Can nurses learn and apply this modality to contemporary nursing practice?

PC1.5, KE13

Q5 List two (2) sources of information you would discuss with Alizeh to increase her awareness about

sources of funding for refugee health care services. PC1.2, PC2.1, PC3.3

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