Therapeutic Interventions for Depression

What are the Various Therapeutic Interventions Available for Depression

Such mood alterations are considered normal to life until they do not interfere or disrupt a person’s life or work. However, when they do then the person gets afflicted with prolonged agitation, sadness or sometimes even elation along with guilt, self doubt, and anger which affect life activities, particularly the ones that are related to occupation, self esteem and relationships which further transforms in to clinical depression. True clinical depressions are also referred as mood disorders.

An episode of major depression can be held for at least 2 weeks during which the patient loses pleasure, feels distressed in almost all sorts of activities. Moreover, some of the following symptoms are also found:

Dysthmia is recognized when at least 2 years of depressed mood is observed with some additional signs that are less severe than the major depression and also do not qualify for the criteria of major depression episode.

Since, the consumer has been identified to carry symptoms of major depression, thus, the paper will discuss various therapeutic interventions available for depression that have been or will be exercised on the consumer in the case study. Such interventions may be in the form of pharmacologic and medical interventions.

However, the case study will be critically analyzed as its scope of practical usage, limitations and strengths. The paper will also discuss the significance of screening depression under the process of collaborative care.

The client, whose identity and personal information will remain undisclosed due to reasons of confidentiality is a 25-year-old software engineer, male, and belong to a family of four that includes his parents and a sister. The patient was admitted last to the hospital about 3 months ago due to acute suicidal ideation, following which, the patient was treated in the hospital with antipsychotic medications, and was discharged to home when the acute

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