The Effective Nursing Group Work

Reflect on the one group that you have been involved with in the past.
Compose at least two paragraphs that describes, at minimum:
The number of people in the group
The general goal of the group (for example, “to complete and submit a school project” “reorganize stock room at work” “plan wedding shower for friend”)
And then using the table on p. 399 in your Kozier et al., (2018) identify factors where the group was effective and ineffective and note whether the group met their goal and how that was achieved. Then, identify one thing you could have personally done to make the group more effective. You MUST refer to your readings in Kozier et al, 2018 and utilize the reading to support your description of how these elements are represented in your group. You are required to follow APA requirements for referencing (in text and reference list)
Your responses need to:
1. Use professional language and communication
2. Identify one additional factor that could have impacted the groups effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) and explain
3. Describe how a group contract could have helped make the group more effective
You are required to follow APA requirements for referencing (in text and reference list).

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The Effective Nursing Group Work
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