TH901512 Theological Reflection Models And Methods



“Practical theology is a transformational activity. That is to say, both in terms of process and outcome it aims to make a difference to people, understandings and situationa in the contemporary.” (Woodward,James and Stephen Pattison, Blackwell Reader in Pastoral and Practical theology, 2000,P13) Please read this chapter there is a lot of information to help.


Discuss this statement in the context of the four areas of Practical Theology, namely:

1. a discipline among scholars.
2. an activity of faith among believers.
3. a method for studying theology and.
4. a curricular area for ministry training.

Drawing on the examples of Practical Theology discussed in the subject, provide evidence that can support this claim for each of the four areas. Do you agree with there conclusion? please give reason for your answer.

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