SNPG945 Community Development Nursing


Task Description:

Many people are affected by mental health and neurological disorders including depression, anxiety disorder, bipolar schizophrenia and dementia as NCD’ s (WHO 2018). The goal of this assignment is for students to choose a topic Mental illness (including self harm). Students are then to conduct library research and to acquire knowledge and understanding about their chosen topic. In a written essay format, students are required to:

  1. Clearly state your chosen topic Mental illness (including self harm). Discuss the incidence and prevalence (epidemiology) of reported cases globally, including the current estimated morbidity and mortality rates of the condition.
  2. Discuss the cohort most at risk of the condition (the age of the population mostly affected).
  3. Review the current strategies for health promotion of the chosen topic and discuss the effectiveness of the programs. Do the programs appear to be working? Consider if the programs are suitable to the cohort most at risk.

Your research should primarily come from the World Health Organisation databases.

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