SNPG917 Evidence Into Practice


Using the person-centred health care topic you chose for assessment task 2, write a structured literature review on your topic. Your literature review must address an answerable clinical question using the PICO framework (Patient / Population; Intervention / Issue; Comparison intervention if appropriate; Outcome / Outcomes). 

After you have identified your clinical question, search the literature using appropriate databases within the University of Wollongong Library website and research-based journal articles that relate specifically to your chosen topic (these articles must be available to the marker of this assignment from the University of Wollongong Library). They must be research articles – descriptive literature review articles are not acceptable (Systematic reviews and Meta-analysis are acceptable). 

Once you have chosen journal articles, write a general critical review of the evidence. This review should include the following components:

  1.    brief description / summary of evidence;
  2.    definition of the key terms  using appropriate resources
  3.    critical review  of evidence
  4.    identification of strengths & limitations of evidence
  5.   indicating  the relevance and impact of the findings on the chosen topic
  6.     identifying the gap

 After reviewing the research articles, come to a discussion about your clinical question based on the articles reviewed. Appropriate research resources should also be used to support your discussion. The discussion part must synthesise the findings of all articles that you have reviewed.

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