SNPG903 Developments Nursing Care


Article: Nursing Theory And Concept Development Or Analysis Development of a framework for person-centred nursing.

Task Description

Students are required to analyse the person-centred culture within your specialty area of practice.  From this analysis you need to propose a potential project that will have a positive impact on improving the person-centred culture within this practice environment.  

Your report should include:

  • An overview an area of practice you have worked in for eg. Cancer nursing.
  • An overview of the person-centered nursing framework
  • Consider the pre-requisites of the framework and analyse how this will assist you in your future practice working as nurse
  • Consider the care environment and how this impacts on implementation of the person-centred care processes
  • Using the above information provide an anlysis of where your practice setting is in regard to the outcomes within the person-centred care framework
  • Conclude with recommendations that could improvements to the person-centred culture within this practice setting
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