SNPG903 Developments Nursing Care


The difficulties encountered in attempting to describe and define it” (eds Brykczynska & Jolley 1997, p.1).Considering the quote above and your current understanding of the art of caring, undertake a reflection on your personal values and beliefs on caring as a nurse. This should include consideration of an example of where you have experienced or observed ordinary practice that was perceived as extraordinary.

Undertake a creative reflection of your values and beliefs on caring as nurse considering the above quote, person-centredness within your practice and the Synthesised Model of the Communication of Caring in Nursing (Knowlden 1998, p. 60). This creative reflection is to be presented in the form of a visual representation; this can be in any form except for a PowerPoint presentation. You are to participate to the discussion forum with a short overview of your creative work and provide feedback for one other student.

Write a reflection using a recognised model to demonstrate how the exploration of the creative representation will enable your future practice to be authentic to your values and beliefs.

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