SCIN255 Principles Of Pathophysiology And Pharmacology


The Following Questions Need to be answered.

1. Think or reason; which comes first?
2. When you filter the data presented, you should recognize which is ……………
3. In the case study what was the main symptom that prompted the patient to enter the ED?
4. Which lab values are not within the normal range?
5. What lab value relates to the kidney function? Is it affected here in this case?
6. What is the name of the hormone that is released by the left ventricle and seen to be high here?
7. Which vital sign(s) in this patient show any relevance to the health problem?
8. Which autonomic nervous system is more dominant here; sympathetic or parasympathetic?
9. What are the medications prescribed to the patient?
10. Which electrolytes need to be reassessed?

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