Role Strain and Burnout in Nursing

1 Discussion: Please remember the word counts and to use a reference that is cited in APA format.

When discussing stress and burnout in nursing, the nursing shortage is a concern that comes to the top of the list (for legal and ethical reasons), both for working nurses and educational faculty.

  • Find an article that explores this issue
    • Summarize the article’s findings
    • Add a possible solution to the problem

2- Assignment:

This week’s assignment is an APA paper of 1000 words with a required 3 sources used throughout the paper, cited and referenced correctly in APA. A rubric is for an APA Essay and is found in the Assignment Upload link in the lower right corner– please review. This week we talk about Role Strain and Burnout in Nursing:

  • What happens to the nurse when role stress or strain becomes too overwhelming?
  • What happens to patient care?
  • How is this related to possible ethical and legal issues?
  • Discuss how nurses can manage or reduce role stress and role strain.
  • Explain two issues that lead to nurse burnout and discuss a solution for each issue.
  • Think of an experience in your nursing profession where you either felt strain or burnout and how you overcame this event. (Since this is a personal experience, you can use first-person narration for this portion of your essay.)


Be sure to follow all the APA rules for an APA paper, including a title page, page #s, introduction, level headings to organize the different sections of the paper, conclusion, citations throughout, and a reference page.

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