Research Scenario And Diabetes Scenario

Read through the research scenario described below, and answer the questions that follow. Determine which qualitative research approach is reflected in each statement and then discuss how you came to your conclusions. If you think that a statement might reflect multiple approaches, explain why you think so. Each question is worth

Research Scenario
Five qualitative researchers meet at a technology and society conference. They discover that they are all conducting research about the different ways that young adults are using smartphones to form and maintain peer relationships. They also discover that each of their research projects takes a different qualitative approach to addressing this shared research interest. Read the following statements made by the researchers, and determine the qualitative approach guiding their research inquiry. Pay attention to the key words and descriptions of the research processes to decide if each statement describes a grounded theory, ethnography, phenomenology, case study, or narrative approach.

1. I carried out multiple, i n‐ depth interviews with a graduate student to get a more complete picture of how smartphone use fits with his life experiences in forming and maintaining important relationships
2. My research considers how young people working in a public health clinic use their smartphones in order to give their colleagues work -related advice and support in real time. I’m reviewing my first batch of data now and building some preliminary working themes while I continue to conduct more interviews. Eventually, I hope to develop an explanatory theory.
3. My research seeks to understand young peoples’ self‐perceptions of their use of smartphones in relationship building, and how they understand the impacts of this technology on their life experiences more broadly
4. I spent a year observing and conducting in‐depth interviews with young software developers at an Internet start‐up company in order to learn about how their own personal use of smartphones impacts their approach to designing social media applications.
5. I reviewed a number of published articles and short documentary films featuring smartphone use by young people from different cultures in order to make connections and draw distinctions between the role of the phones in mediating relationships

Part 2: Type 2 Diabetes Scenario
Refer back to your discussion activities for this module and to the scenario that involves Meaghan and Terry. Also, refer back to the readings on qualitative research from your course textbook. Although their case is fictional, the research problems and questions described are very real. For the current assignment, your Faculty Member will assign you a research article that deals with the issue of type 2 diabetes in a particular population (e.g., an ethnic group or a particular socioeconomic population.) Compare and contrast the research approach, methods, qualitative research validity, and data analysis techniques between your article and the Meghan/Terry case. What are the researchers’ findings in your assigned article? Use the questions that were addressed in your group discussion as a guide for this analysis.

Discuss the topics listed below by comparing and contrasting the methodology of the researchers with the course concepts from Creswell (2014), the course readings, and the course lesson notes. Apply critical thinking in your writing. Use the conceptual framework provided in the course to evaluate pros and cons of the methodologies used in the case study and in the article.

Follow the order of the topics below and discuss them one by one i.e. focus on each topic at a time and avoid making inaccurate connections between topics or bringing unrelated topics to the discussion. Illustrate with examples and use relevant in‐ text Citations in APA style to support your arguments. No need to write an introduction and a conclusion in this assignment. Complete the review with a List of references Length of the review of Part 2: 10 pages (approximately). Before submitting the assignment, read it again and please make sure that you have covered all the discussion topics

Discussion Topics and Marking Criteria for Part 2
1. Discuss the research approach taken in article. Compare and contrast with Terry’s research approach.
2. Discuss the research method(s)/design(s) used in the article. Discuss the qualitative research validity of article.
3. Compare with the research methods and qualitative research validity of Terry’s study.
4. Discuss the key findings of the article in relation to the research
Question (s)
5. Compare and contrast with Terry’s research question(s) and key findings
Compliance overall with APA standards of academic writing in your review (3 marks) For assignment 3, part 2, follow the APA guidelines for in‐ text citations.

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