PSYCHOL7130 Evidence Based Practice


Choose one domain from NHS Outcome Framework and give a rationale why you have chosen this domain. Identify one qualitative or quantitative primary peer-reviewed research paper published in last 5 years, relating to the chosen domain. Critically appraise the strengths and weaknesses of the research paper using an appropriate qualitative or quantitative critical appraisal framework. There are a number of these tools available e.g. CASP.


Outline what the key focus of the essay is, what you will be undertaking and why. This will also include how the essay will be structured.

Main body

  • What is evidence based practice and what is the significance of evidence based nursing in the current health and social care environment?
  • Referring to the principles of evidence based practice, provide a rational for your chosen domain and it’s relevance in practice
  • Briefly outline the chosen research paper and provide a rationale for your choice; how does it relate to the chosen domain.

Critically appraise the chosen study, e.g. discuss the strengths, weaknesses and limitations of the study’s design using the appraisal tool.Discuss and justify whether or not the findings are therefore robust enough to be used to change or support practice in your chosen domain?

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