In adults, patients 55years and older admitted to Inova FFX hospital do exercises and a healthy diet to relieve atherosclerosis compared to surgery in six months.



P Adult patients 55 years and older with atherosclerosis admitted to Inova Fairfax Hospital medical units.

Age is one of the key factors for atherosclerosis and has a high prevalence in older people. Both Men at 45 age and women at 55 age are mostly affected by this disease (National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, 2018).

I Alternatives such as exercises and a healthy diet.

Exercises and beneficial diet help in atherosclerosis since they help open the arteries and reduce the inner walls’ fatty materials (Publishing, 2019).

Exercises make the body active and help in blood flow, while a healthy diet enables the body to take in beneficial nutrients that reduce the chances of atherosclerosis (Publishing, 2019).






C Medication and surgery

Medication and surgery are other ways that are used to help treat atherosclerosis. In this case, the medication may include blood thinners’ administration to reduce the risk of platelets clumping in arteries and forming blood clots and blockage (Beckerman, 2019). Statins are also used to lower the density of lipoprotein cholesterol that deposits in the streets.

Angioplasty surgery is done to open the clogged artery. In contrast, coronary artery bypass surgery is done where doctors take a healthy blood vessel from other body parts and develop a bypass around the blocked artery (Beckerman, 2019).










Prevention of atherosclerosis.

The main essence of managing atherosclerosis is to reduce the long-term complications to the patient. Untreated atherosclerosis leads to heart attack, heart failure, chronic kidney diseases, and coronary heart disease (Whitworth, 2020). Most of the patients with long-term effects of atherosclerosis are exposed to high mortality rates and are not likely to heal or live for long if they are not treated.

T Within six months of being diagnosed

Most of the patients witha stay up to six months without knowing that they have the disease. The six-month duration should be enough for the patients to identify they have the disorders since they will experience fatigue, chest pains, and shortness of breath (Shah, 2015). There is no exact period for complications to appear, but they depend on lack of treatment.


1. You are expected to select 10 health related primary articles published in peer reviewed journals.

2. Write a brief sentence from each article as in-text citation. It can even be a simple sentence. Then write an APA reference list for all the 10 primary articles you selected.

3. references should be peer reviewed journals and it should be 2016 and above.


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