Pediatric Primary Care Homework Questions and Answers

What is the Pediatric Primary Care Situation in the United States?

Using your course textbook readings and the South University Online Library, perform research on the following: 

  • Sources of pediatric primary care in the United States
  • Current status of pediatric health-care services in the United States
  • Barriers to health care for children in the United States 

After completing your research, answer the following questions: 

  1.     What are the sources of pediatric primary care in the United States? Are these sources sufficient for providing health-care services to the pediatric population? Why or why not?
  2.     Are there certain pediatric populations that lack access to health-care services? Why?
  3.     What are the barriers to children in accessing health-care services in the United States? Why do these barriers exist? 


Primary Care Pediatrics and Public Health: Meeting the Needs of Today’s Children

Disparities in Healthcare Quality Among Racial and Ethnic Groups

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