PDC20107 Renal Nursing


Transport can be a significant barrier to self-care for patients with chronic conditions. In Australia around 30% of Australians live outside of a capital city (The Council of Ambulance Authorities (CAA) 2011). Ruggiano et al. (2015) describes transport as a significant barrier to self-care, especially for older patients, those with disabilities and patients with financial difficulties as reliable private transport is often not available to them. Without reliable transportation patients are more likely to miss clinic appointments, treatments and have difficulty engaging in other health
services (Ruggiano 2015).
For those that live rurally, lack of public transportation to clinic and treatment appointments can be a significant barrier to self-care (Winters et al. 2006). Those living rurally with chronic illnesses are more likely than those living in a major city to have poorer health outcomes and more likely to be admitted for preventable complications (CAA 2011).

One of the strategies to overcome the transportation barriers for patients has been to pursue the development of telehealth for clinical reviews and to improve self-management (Banbury et al. 2017; Mathar, Fastholm & Sandholm Larsen 2015). Banbury et al. (2017) conducted a study looking at the use of telehealth for older patients with multiple comorbidities. The focus was on the use of telehealth to improve the self-management engagement of the patients to preserve their independence at home (Banbury et al. 2017). Telehealth using videoconferencing was found to be more engaging for patients than simply using the telephone (Bunbury et al. 2017).
What other strategies can be implemented to target transportation barriers for patients with chronic diseases?
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