OORA200 Working With Aboriginal People


Read the Case Study ‘Jumbun Cultural Engagement’ and discuss the following:


  1. Where (geographic location) the program was initiated,
  2. The rationale for the program; why was the program initiated?
  3. Who the key stakeholders were (who was involved)? Who initiated the program? Who was consulted?

B.Discussion and Analysis: How does the case study reflect or incorporate the principles.

  1. An Aboriginal Worldview and knowledge systems
  2. Aboriginal concepts of wellbeing
  3. The social determinants of Indigenous health, including the trauma of the Stolen Generation
  4. The inequities that have resulted from Australia’s history, including the dominance of non-Indigenous social, economic and political constructs.
  5. Aboriginal Community Development Principles
  6. Cultural safety and competence
  7. Effective cross-cultural communication
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