Older Adults and Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Factors Associated With Alcohol and Substance Abuse in Older Adults

The Introduction Chapter is the way the student introduces their project or thesis study. It is the opportunity to set the stage for what you attempted to accomplish in your project or thesis study. It is intend to “whet the appetite” of the reader to read the entire work.

This week you should be writing chapter 1: Introduction.

This is the chapter where you will introduce your topic. According to Von Diether (2016), “Chapter 1 is the engine that drives the rest of the document, and it must be a complete empirical argument as is found in courts of law.

It should be filled with proofs throughout.

It is not a creative writing project in a creative writing class; hence, once a word or phrase is established in Chapter 1, use the same word or phrase throughout the thesis.

The content is normally stylized into five chapters, repetitive in some sections from one thesis to the other. A lengthy thesis may have more than five chapters

Step 4 – Writing an Introduction ChapterPreview the document

In a 4-6 page paper (1000 – 1500 words) written in IWG format, and attached as a Microsoft Word document, complete the Introduction Chapter.

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