NURSING7019 Advanced Clinical Practice


Use the GIBBS Reflective Cycle (Gibbs, 1988) to complete the components as follows:
A. Describe each situation and the context concerning the events that took place with giving medications that is being reflected upon (i.e. the situation for yourself, the student performing well and the student who performed poorly. 

B. Explain how these learning experiences, about administering medications, made you feel and why they made you feel this way. State how you felt about observing both good and the poor practices in the CPU and discuss the insights you gained from these events.
C. Evaluate the positive and negative aspects of this core practice skill and the implications of this.
D. Analyse the clinical learning that transpired from this core practice skill. Describe the aspects that affected your own clinical learning. Discuss how this has prepared you for your skills mastery.
E. Identify what else you could have done to enhance your own learning experience when carrying out the core practice skill (medication administration).
F. Develop an action plan: state what you would do differently to inform and change your future practices with administering medications. Identify and discuss what new knowledge you require to facilitate and enact the action plan.
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