NURSING3004 Mental Health Nursing


1.While doing a clinical rotation in a psychiatric–mental health facility, a client is involuntarily committed.

Would you feel differently caring for a client who was voluntarily or involuntarily committed?

Have you ever witnessed a client be involuntarily committed inappropriately? If yes, how did that make you feel? If not, how would that make you feel?
Do you believe that involuntary commitment orders are necessary? Why or why not?
2.You are caring for a psychiatric–mental health client who would like more information on different mental health care settings.
What are the different levels of care for inpatient settings?
Define and explain the different types of inpatient settings
3.You are working for a psychiatric–mental health facility that uses traditional milieu therapy.
Explain the five steps of milieu therapy.
Explain one of the roles of the nurse in milieu therapy (fostering self-care; providing client education; conducting community meetings or life skills groups; administering medications; or working with support groups).
Do you believe milieu therapy is effective?  Why or why not?
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