Nursing Mixed Methods Research Design

Mixed Methods Research Design Research Proposal
Your research proposal for a mixed methods approach. Follow the order of the questions below and discuss them one by one in their own separate section. Focus on each topic, one at a time, and avoid unrelated topics when answering each question.
Use APA style to write your proposal. Discuss pros and cons, provide examples, and compare and contrast arguments and concepts related to the answers. Support the discussion with in-text citations from the course materials.

Your project proposal should include the following aspects:
1. The research questions, the research purpose, and either the hypothesis that will be tested or what will be described as part of the research (predictions, inferences).
2. Identify and discuss who and what will be the focus of the research (participants/variables).
3. Identify and discuss two alternative mixed methods and/ or multi- methods strategies that you may consider in order to answer your research questions.
4. Argue which mixed method strategy will best enable you to answer the research questions.
5. Discuss the timing, weighting, mixing, and theorizing strategies proposed in your mixed methods design.
6. Outline the different steps that you should follow to conduct your research. Discuss any ethical considerations that you will need to consider.
7. Provide a section that details how you incorporated your peer’s feedback into the final version of your Final Project. Identify a) which aspects you used and why you think they were important, and b) what aspects you did not incorporate and why.
8. Before you submit your Final Project proposal, ensure that it complies with the standards of academic writing: clear, accurate, properly formatted in-text citations and list of references using APA style.

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