Nursing Leadership and Management Homework Answers

N4455 Nursing Leadership and Management Assignment Sample

Change Theories Project

Note: You will create a PowerPoint slide presentation (not an APA paper) for this assignment. Submit your assignment to the Academic Coach for grading for this module. If you do not submit a PowerPoint slide presentation you will not receive credit for this assignment.

Overview: Change Theories Project

Each student will produce a plan for implementing a change project in nursing departments throughout the organization. You will begin by selecting one of the options provided in module one and propose a change to solve the problem. If you do not select one of the provided options you will not receive credit for this assignment. Then you will select one of the change theories you have studied that models how you want to implement the proposed change. You will conduct a SWOT analysis and develop a comprehensive action plan. You will create a PowerPoint presentation of your plan with a “script” in the Notes section below each slide, as if you are presenting this to an audience. These will be your speaker notes as if you are presenting your PowerPoint to an audience. You MUST have a notes section for your slides. There will be a 50 point deduction if notes are not present. (The Notes section can be found below each slide within the PowerPoint presentation).

During and after your work, you will examine the types of communications, decision-making processes, and processes you use, and comment upon those in the last part of the “script.”


1. Select and utilize a change theory model to implement the proposed change (chapter 5)

2. Analyze the leadership roles and management skills necessary to implement a new program.

3. Identify your decision-making process.

4. Demonstrate the elements of the change process.


Use this rubric to guide your work.

Introduction(8 points)Clear statement of a scenario (problem) and proposed change and rationale(4points)Statement of a proposed change(2 points)No statement of a proposed change(0points)
Clear statement of appropriate change theory model to use(4points)Statement of theory model addressed(4 points)No statement of theory model(0points)
SWOT Analysis(12 points)Clear identification of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats associated with implementing or failing to implement the proposed plan(12 points)Description of some potential strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats associated with the proposed plan(9-10 points)Missing description of viable strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, or threats associated with proposed plan(0-8 points)
Action Plan(40 points)Each of these components addressed in detail(5 points each = 40 points)· Change Theory Model· Steps and processes· Communication plan· Leadership styles· Management functions· Budget requirements/ implications· Steps to assure staff compliance· EvaluationEach of these components addressed generally(4 points each = 32 points) (See list under “Target”)Some components addressed minimally or not at all(0-2 points each = 16 points maximum)
Decision-Making Process(15 points)Analysis of the decision- making process used, including effective/ineffective processes and what you would change in the future(15 points)General analysis of the decision-making process used, including effective/ineffective processes or what you would you change in the future(10-14 points)Minimal or no analysis of the decision-making process used(0 -9 points)
References(25 points)At least 3 references to professional literature, with correct APA citationsAt least 2 references to professional literature, with mostly correct APA citationsOne reference to professional literature, with correct APA citation(10 points)

Note: There will be automatic 50 point reduction if notes are not included.

Action Plan (Pivotal portion of project)

Your plan will include at least-

· Supporting rationale for implementing the new program.

· Steps and processes necessary to assure staff compliance.

· Ways in which you will communicate your plan.

· The change process you have chosen with an explanation of how and why this model was selected.

· A definition of the leadership style you expect to be most effective.

· What management functions you will utilize.

· Any budget requirements/implications.

· The advantages and disadvantages of using a work group vs. sending an e-mail announcing the change.

· A plan for how you will handle noncompliance, late majority, laggards, and rejecters.

· Specifications regarding how you will evaluate the effectiveness of your proposal.

You are expected to use current professional references to support your work throughout. At least two of your references must be from separate professional nursing management journals.

Project Presentation

Your presentation should be constructed as follows:

You will open a new PowerPoint presentation and save it to your computer desktop or other storage device with the filename: N4455_ YOURNAME. In the actual file, YOURNAME should be replaced by your name.

The presentation should include slides with the script in the Notes section of each slide. This script reflects what would be said at an oral presentation of the change proposal to key stakeholders. The slides should be created as follows-

Slide 1: Title Slide – Title and Your Name Slide 2: Introduction with chosen

Change Theory

Slide 3: SWOT Analysis

Identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats associated with implementing or failing to implement the proposed plan.

Slides 4-14: Action Plan

Discuss the details of the implementation plan. Demonstrate the application of theory to the specific decisions and recommendations.

· Change theory model

· Steps and processes

· Communication plan

· Leadership styles

· Management functions

· Budget requirements/implications

· Steps to assure staff compliance

· Evaluation

Slide 15: Decision-making process

Analyze the decision-making process used. What was effective or ineffective and what would you change in the future? (Note-Your slides should be indicative of what would be used in the presentation to the stakeholders, and the script in the Notes section should describe to the stakeholders how you arrived at decisions. Then, also in the Notes, describe in parentheses the effective and ineffective methods or situations involved in your work. You would probably not go into such details in your presentation to stakeholders!)

Slide 16: References

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