Nursing Experimental Design

Evaluate an Experimental Design in Nursing

Your Open Learning Faculty Member will assign a recent research article with an experimental design. In other words, the study will be a randomized or non- randomized trial and the investigator will intervene in some way.

In the body of the assignment, write a justification of your rubric scores. Follow the APA style guidelines regarding how to include in-text citations, the characteristics of the list of references, appendices, graphics, the running head, headers and formatting.
The final paper should include:

I) Cover page

2) Introduction. (1 mark)

3) Subject matter sections (the sections where you discuss and justify your scores with examples and relevant in-text citations). Use the following headings for these sections in the body of your report:

Research question, Hypothesis, Literature review.

Study design and Methods: Sample size, Data analysis, Data interpretation (interpretation of results), Threats to internal and external validity.
The use of appropriate controls Randomization, Blinding, Ethics and Funding.

4) Conclusion.

5) APA Style Format: running head, headings, relevant in-text citations, list of references, appendices, graphics, page numbers. Include the rubric with your scores in the Appendix section.

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