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The concept of health and healing has evolved in recent years. What does health mean to you and how would you describe your own health to someone you are close with and you are meeting for the first time. According to Jarvis 2020, Health depends on an interaction of mind, body and spirit within the environment. In my observation the way that health has change recently is that there is more of the focus in mental health as supposed to physical health and there is attention paid on how the mental health can affect the physical health, particularly in this time of COVID. A lot of people have been isolated, feeling lonely, also depression is affecting the population. I feel an urgency, of treating these important conditions to keep people healthy.


In your own opinion, what do you think is the difference between an ASN Health Assessment Course and a BSN Health Assessment course? In my opinion the Health Assessment should be done the same way with any nursing degree, but definitely as higher the degree is, the nurse will have more acknowledgement and better assessments may be performed since the BSN have to go through a deeper study, more understanding of evidence base practices, additional preparation, and training for clinical jobs, which can make a nurse be better prepared and be able to provide a highest level of Health Assessment.

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