NURSING 7121 Heart Failure Management


1 Taking Ben’s diagnosis into consideration discuss the following:
• the coronary vessel/vessels involved
• myocardium and conduction system at risk
• potential complications. After medical review of Ben, and since angiography is not an immediate option, the doctor orders: 
• Continuation of oxygen
• Aspirin and Clopidogrel
• Intravenous morphine
• Fibrinolytic therapy
• Heparin 

2. Considering Ben’s current clinical condition, history and ECG, analyse and evaluate the above treatment against available evidence in the current literature. Include in your answer: 
• actions, dose and appropriateness of each drug
• the available options for fibrinolytic therapy
• nursing management of the patient related to the administration of these drugs 
3. Discuss the actions of these drugs and rationalise their use for Ben Long. 

In your discussion relate to the concepts of:
• left ventricular dysfunction
• myocardial oxygen supply and demand
• preload, afterload and contractility. 
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