NURSING 5109 An Introduction To Evidence Based Health Care


This assessment item builds on assessment items 1 and 2. Students are required to conduct a critical review of the evidence, based on their selected topic of clinical uncertainty. Students will have already conducted a literature search for assessment item two on their chosen topic of uncertainty.

Provide an overview of the area of evidence uncertainty and justification of why this topic was selected, including overall significance of the problem.

Summarise the current use of evidence based practice in the Australian health care setting, in relation to their topic; this may include anecdotal experience of the issue in practice.

Synthesise the available literature regarding the intervention/treatment/approach/program you selected and consider the outcomes of the selected studies.

Compare and contrast findings from different studies and highlight study strengths and limitations of those you included in the review.

Based on your review of the evidence, explain the rationale for your decision making to your situation of uncertainty.

In second assignment we choosed only RCT study only but now you can choose any one from below but make sure it must be relevant to area of inquiry and you need to provide a rationale for the inclusion.
? Systematic Review
? Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT)
? Cohort Study
? Case-control Study/Case Series ? Qualitative Study
? Economic Evaluation
? Clinical Practice Guidelines

Focus on critical appraisal and synthesis of the research, not simple description or summaries. Critical appraisal will synthesise, contrast and compare the research articles, and is sceptical and considered.

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