NURSING 4410A Honours Nursing Research Project


The assignment had valuated and got failed.All the comments and requirements are commented at the bottom of the assignment. Literature review included 9 studies taken from the EBSco .Please include that 9 studies particularly. Please remove theoretical framework. Should remove all methodology as I can provide the new one.But donot attach exact same copy of methodology provided as it will show selfplagarism.No need of coverpage which can be excluded.

Assignment – Research Proposal

The Research Proposal must be on a topic of significance to your specific discipline and contain the following elements:
Literature Review: this must be contemporary, show evidence of the use of seminal texts/articles and concrete or emerging frameworks
Problem statement: appropriate use must be made of aims and objectives, questions or hypothesis
Research design: broad introduction to the design chosen and justification for same. Design explained, discussed and evaluated
Data collection: interview schedule, questionnaires, observation methods etc, explained. Validity/reliability/ credibility/trustworthiness discussed
Sampling: sample type described, sampling size, framework and access explained
Data analysis: Qualitative data analysis or statistics to be used explained.
Ethical principles and consideration: Discussed.
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