NURSING 3005 Nursing In Complex Settings


Utilizing the scenario to answer the following question Discuss strategies to support and empower the patient living with a long term condition (LTC) and their significant others when planning their discharge from hospital


75 year old widower, Angelo Davies who has been seeing the Practice Nurse for his hypertension for monitoring has been admitted for progressively increasing confusion and hallucinations. Angelo claims to occasionally see small gnomes playing on the front lawn for which he has called the police. He is fully self-sufficient of his activities of living and does not seem altered or confused while on the ward. Subsequent referrals to the neurologist suggests, that patient may have Lewy body dementia but they are not certain. Psychiatry feels that patient should see them regularly and start Seroquel 50mg at night. Mr Davies lives at home alone in his garden flat {sheltered accommodation} but close to his daughter’s house. The warden for the units occasionally visits but Mr Davies is predominantly alone. He has issues of stability and falls occasionally and he refuses to go to a nursing home. He has a history of Hypertension and Hyperlipidaemia for which he takes Lisinopril 40mg and Atorvastatin 20mg daily.


Before you start your essay, think about what sort of management would be most suitable for Angelo Davies and his family and what members of the MDT team would be able to provide care for Angelo Davies and review the evidence in the literature to support this. From your knowledge and understanding of the patient’s condition – Lewy body Dementia – you need to design a discharge plan for Angelo Davies and include this as a table in your essay. You will need to make reference to your discharge plan in your essay.

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