NURSING 3004 Mental Health Nursing


A young woman has just presented. You notice that she is dressed in T-shirt and jeans with her hair neatly pulled back. Her jeans look scuffed and unwashed. She sits in the waiting room looking as if she might be softly muttering to herself. At times when you look at her she is looking at the ceiling frowning. When you ask her to fill in the intake form she gets up and quietly takes the form and proceeds to fill it in.

When it comes to his appointment time, the duty doctor asks you to sit in and assist him with the interview.

The young woman gives her name as Amelia.
Amelia is attentive and cooperative. She keeps good eye contact although fidgets with her hair and cloths while talking. She describes to the doctor about becoming increasingly nervous about cameras watching her at home. Asked what she does in response to the cameras, she says she no longer goes home and instead lives in her car. When you encourage her to talk more about the cameras she gives you a lot of detail about “spying and also mentions that voices tell her they are watching her because she is a bad person.

She says she is scared and that her friend persuaded her to come and talk to the doctor and get some medication. Following a basic physical check-up and questions about her general health, the doctor He is provided with a script for 5mg olanzapine nocte for symptoms of a psychosis. He expressed concern about her well-being and asks you to talk to her before leaving the clinic to ensure she has adequate support. He made an appointment to see Amelia the next day.

Four short essay questions
1. Describe the key interpersonal skills you would have used in this interview to engage with Amelia. 
2. The doctor stated that Amelia has symptoms of a psychosis. Using correct clinical terms, describe three important signs and symptoms from the scenario that you agree would support the doctor’s clinical opinion. 
3. The doctor prescribed 5mg olanzapine nocte` for Amelia. Describe the education you will need to provide to her before she leaves the clinic.
4. Explain why you would need to ensure “adequate support” for Amelia before she leaves the clinic.
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