NURSING 3004 Mental Health Nursing


Please read the following:

  • Victorian Public Health & Wellbeing Plan 2015-2019 
  • Victorian Department of Health, Mental Health Promotion Publications ( )
  • Objective 3 ‘implement strategies for promotion and prevention in mental health’ of the WHO Mental Health Action Plan 2013 — 2020 ( health/action plan 2013/bw version.pdf?ua=1 ) 
Consider the material above along with other contemporary literature, discuss, define and analyze Mental Health Promotion. Consider mental health promotion aspects such as: 
  • Influencing the social and economic factors that determine mental health, such as income, social status, education, employment, working conditions, access to appropriate health services and the physical environment.
  • Strengthening the understanding and the skills of individuals in ways that support their efforts to achieve and maintain mental health – building resilience and recovery orientation. 
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