NURSING 101 Fundamentals of Nursing Case Study

Hi, can you help with this Case study, please?

Mrs. Sonnett is an 85-year-old that lives at home with her daughter. Her daughter must work Full time and is not home with her during the day. She presents to the Walk-in clinic with a 3-week history of 8/10 pain to the coccyx area, and you have noticed an open wound to the area. When you asked what happened, Mrs. Sonnett replied, “I have been taking Tylenol for the pain and it is not getting any better and I am worried about it not improving.” She is rocking back and forth in the chair and rubbing her hands together stating, “how am I going to cope with this now?”

Past medical history of: Myocardial infarction, Hypertension, Panic disorder, Anxiety, Depression, and TIA.

You are the Practical nurse assigned to Mrs. Sonnett

1.What 3 priority assessments would you complete for Mr. Sonnett?

2.Explain why it is important to complete these assessments?


After the doctor assessed Mrs. Sonnett it is discovered that she has a stage 2 ulcer in the coccyx area. As you are preparing her to go home, she tells you that she is worried about going home. Mrs. Sonnet asks, “so how am I supposed to do the dressing to the area again?”

1. What additional concerns would you have if any about Mrs. Sonnett being home alone? This should not be related to your priority assessments 


2. Are there any other assessments that you may want to doat this time?


3. What concerns if any do you have about Mrs. Sonnett being discharged home? 


4. What will you doabout it? 

After completing your assessment, you now need to develop a plan. Start by developing a nursing diagnosis NANDA

1.What is the priority nursing diagnosis for Mrs. Sonnett?

1. What would be a SMART goal for Mrs. Sonnett?

2. Based on your chosen nursing diagnosis, what kind of nursing interventions would be most appropriate?

Please provide any references thank you.

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