NURSING 1004 Communication And Professional Nursing I


Clinical Scenario
In this clinical scenario you are in the role of a new graduate nurse. Stefan is a 32 year old man being admitted for day surgery. You are admitting this morning for surgery later in the day. This is the first time you have met Stefan.
Stefan is in the waiting room as you meet him. You notice he is walking about the room, looking at various objects as if he is not paying any particular attention. He appears fit, has two-day beard and bags under his eyes. His hair is cut short, but not combed. Jeans and dark t-shirt look to be unironed. You also happen to notice nicotine stains on his fingers and the strong smell of stale cigarettes. A neatly dressed younger woman is also sitting in the room reading a magazine. He later introduces her as Marie; his partner.
You sit down with both to take admission details. Stefan is cooperative with the interview, but you notice after a short while that Marie provides some of the medical history you need to complete the forms, such as weight loss over the past few months, and expands where Stefan provides only short answers such as more background to his recent loss of employment. He doesn’t appear relaxed. You are only a short way into the admission when gets up and walks about the room and you can see he clenching and unclenching his hands.
1. Discuss the communication skills you consider to be important to use in order to help Stefan through the rest of the admission interview. 
2. You have formed a clinical opinion that Stefan is presenting with signs and symptoms of anxiety. Briefly explain the presenting features in the scenario that support your opinion.
3. You decide to provide relaxation techniques to help reduce Stefan’s anxiety. Briefly describe how you would apply this intervention to help Stefan. 
4. You have a medication order available to you for diazepam 5 to 10mg oral PRN once-only for anxiety symptoms. You make a decision to offer this medication to Stefan. Briefly describe the relevant information you need to provide to help him decide. 
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