NURS6085: Forensic Mental Health


Course Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
1. Identify the psychosocial determinants of people with complex and difficult behaviour in the psychiatric and criminal justice systems and the impact of crime on health
2. Demonstrate familiarity with current legislation in regard to forensic patients and mentally disordered offenders under the Mental Health Act and the practical application of this legislation at a systems level
3. Discuss the process of effective assessment and engagement of mentally disordered offenders in a range of settings including prison, community and forensic hospitals
4. Appraise current tools and strategies to assess and better manage risk of potential violence of mentally disordered offenders towards others
5. Reflect on personal values and attitudes arising when working with people whose behaviour and presentation is challenging and confronting and identify and resolve ethical dilemmas specifically arising with mentally disordered offenders
6. Examine and evaluate issues related to cultural safety and vulnerable populations (such as Indigenous Australians) relevant to the delivery of care in forensic settings
7. Critically examine current and developing theories (and related research) of personality development, psychopathy, ASPD and BPD and future directions in the provision of forensic mental health services.
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