NURS6061 Contemporary Mental Health



Students will undertake an essay addressing the following topic: 

Perhaps, we should no longer question whether bad supervision’ occurs: instead, we need to focus on how to detect, solve, and prevent what appears to be a major problem in the field …(Inadequate) supervision may be less likely to occur if supervisors are mandated to receive raining in supervision that includes supervision of supervision .many supervisees may have inknowingly received inadequate and/or harmful supervision. If supervisees are more aware af their basic rights in supervision (e.g., the supervisor’s responsibilities), they may be more xagnizant of and able to identify when harmful or inadequate supervision is taking place.

Critically evaluate the role of clinical supervision as a strategy designed to support safe and affective mental health care. Your evaluation is to include an outline of arrangements for clinical supervision in your workplace and the role that you could play in further developing.

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