NURS6022 : Nursing Issues In The Critical Care


Module 1
Module one looked at the specific rights and responsibilities of the registered nurse in a specialty clinical area, from the perspective of keeping the nurse and her/his patients/clients physically and emotionally safe. It also raised the issue of legal responsibilities and identified issues specific to the specialty area. 
Module 2
Module two looks specifically at the rights of clients and in more depth the rights of carers in the process of treatment and recovery. It raises some questions about how the nursing profession views and deals with the rights of the carers and their need for information, particularly in the context of patients/clients who may lack insight in their care needs.
Module 3 
For this module, you are asked to explore some of the writings in the public domain on how people have made meaning of their health-related issues. In the module activity, you are asked to choose one of your readings (from one of the three perspectives listed) and write a reflection on how that has changed your  perspective or given you some insight into the meaning illness has for a particular person. When writing your reflection make sure you consider your own perceptions, morals and ethics. Preferably this will be from your area of specialty practice however this may prove difficult for some specialties in this case pick a specialty area that interests you where there is information available.
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