NURS4105 Advocacy Through Health Care Policy


Addressing Patient Safety and Quality of Care through Policy

Patient safety and quality of patient care are the focus of some of the largest changes within health care. IHI’s Triple Aim initiative, as well as the Joint Commission and QSEN, are aimed at improving both the safety and quality of health care. This Assignment gives you the opportunity to focus on your chosen policy issue for the Position Paper and to explore factors that adversely impact quality and safety.

Review the health care policy that you selected in Week 1.(Policy from Week 1 POLICY Nursing Staffing Legislation. (There is only one state in USA with staffing legislation, California)

Analyze your selected policy in relation to patient quality of care and safety.

Respond to the following prompts:

In what ways does your policy address safety, quality, or improved outcomes of care for patients?

Does your policy do an effective job of addressing the issue? Why or why not? Be specific and use examples.

Explain the role of the nurse in addressing the quality and safety standards within your policy.

Based on your assessment of the effectiveness of your policy on patient safety and quality of care, as well as your research from Weeks 1 and 2, what position do you plan to take in your Position Paper (which is due in Week 5)? Be specific on your viewpoint and reasoning.

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