NURS4021 Leadership Competencies In Nursing And Healthcare


Scenario All . You are doing a clinical rotation at a neighborhood family clinic within a diverse cultural community. You have been asked to lead a class for the LPN’s related to pharmacotherapy. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation reflecting the following:
Select any cardiovascular or pulmonary medication of choice then select one of the following patient populations: Pediatric, Pregnant Women, or the Elderly.Describe the classification of the medication, normal pharmacotherapeutic effect, mechanism of action, and adverse drug interactions.Explain the benefits, contraindications or both for the selected population.

Briefly define one disorder, which your chosen medication is commonly used for, as an example in this given population.Identify the importance of fluids and electrolytes, note any vitamins or herbal supplements that are often used as home remedies for this disease.Point out any negative effects or contraindications that the alternative therapies may have in conjunction with the chosen medication.Provide three (3) peer reviewed references as supportive evidence (journal references preferred, only one of the three may include the text reference from this course).
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