NURS329 Healthcare Systems And Policy


Choose a Healthcare organization to analyze-hospital, clinic, etc. Complete the assignment using the criteria below.
Provide an Organization & Environment Description
Explain enough so that others can understand (hint: use all of your senses)
What is the Mission, Goals, & Objectives of the Organization?
Review the organization’s mission, goals & objectives.
Investigate if these are evident and obvious in the organization
Review their information (website, phone calls to ask questions, etc) and observe the activity of the organization
Discuss what you find out if you believe the mission statement, values & philosophy are evident in the organization and explain your answer
Why is it important for these to be “seen” in an organization?

SWOT Analysis
Complete a SWOT analysis of the organization (complete a minimum of four examples for each and explain your reasons).
Go to this website to learn more about SWOT analysis and to understand how to apply each term:

Future Implications
What does the future hold for this organization?
Where do you see its future?
Explain your opinion or facts for this environment

Healthy Work Environments Article
Find a research article related to “Healthy Work Environments”—answer the following:
Provide a brief summary of the article/study
Why are healthy work environments important?
What are some things that create an unhealthy environment?
Explain some things you can do to improve the environment?

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