NURS329 Healthcare Systems And Policy


Describe The Joint Commission and the Center for Medicare & Medicaid’s Core Measures?(go to
  • List and explain 3 of the Core Measures, including the measurement/expectation
  • What does NDNQI for? (website –
  • Why is NDNQI important for patient outcomes?
  • Is there a need for healthcare reform? Why or why not?
  • How can healthcare reform impact nursing?
What are National Patient Safety Goals and why are they important?
  • List and discuss the NPSG’s that are related to your area of nursing (or an area in which you have worked in the past)
Describe how nurses facilitate patient-centered care in your organization and practice.
  • Do nurses have the “power” to make changes (why or why not?)
  • Describe your work environment related to change and dealing with issues that are identified.
Describe an issue in nursing that has created a debate or has caused a need for change.
  • Identify an issue that has pros and cons to it
  • Explain your side of the issue
  • Support your answer with research
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