NURS325 Integrated Pathophysiology And Clinical Pharmacology


Students will identify a safety or quality issue from current practice/education and devise a plan of correction for that issue. The project must meet one of the STEEP aims of quality improvement. The student will support why this is an actual or potential problem noting the adverse effects of this issue on patient care. Using current literature, they will then devise a plan that incorporates quality improvement principles. To display an awareness of the economics involved, the students will identify the resources needed to initiate the plan of correction; giving an estimated cost for the process. This project will also include a method of evaluation that will be implemented to assess the plan’s effectiveness. The final proposed project will be submitted via D2L Assignments forum. The proposed project will be uploaded in the discussion forum in steps for peer review. 
1. Proposed project meets one of the STEEP aims, describe how the project meets a STEEP aim with support from the literature (a minimum of 4 supporting research references) that identifies the proposed project as an area to improve quality and/or safety in the healthcare or in healthcare education. 
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