NURS3232 Professional Issues In Nursing


Arthur and Nancy Johnson were happily married for 45 years before Nancy developed Alzheimer’s Disease. Nancy has previously stated that she never wants to go into a nursing home and in moments of insight pleads with her husband to look after her at home. Arthur wants to honour Nancy’s wishes but finds it difficult to care for her alone because she has dementia and wanders; she is also doubly incontinent with an unfortunate habit of daubing faeces on the walls. To be able to get a few hours to sleep at night Arthur sometimes ties Nancy into the bed. He also needs to do the shopping and banking and loves nothing more than the occasional game of bowls and to spend an hour with friends at the bowling club. Unfortunately, Nancy’s behaviour is not appropriate for the bowling club but if Arthur leaves her alone in the house she is incontinent and makes a terrible mess. Arthur’s only solution to prevent the wandering and to save a mess from the incontinence is to tie Nancy to the toilet while he goes out.’ (pp. 191-192)

The Task : Imagine that Nancy has been admitted to hospital and you are a registered nurse working in the ward. During a conversation, Arthur discloses the details of his approach to caring for Nancy at home. What standards of practice, ethical principles, or legal principles are relevant to this case? Briefly explain what each of these principles is. What about the case leads you to choose these standards or principles?

Hints for Completion : you’re thinking ethically and legally from a registered nurse perspective. Focus on what your responsibilities would be as a registered nurse. Think ethically and legally about your role and make sure you remember to consult relevant professional codes of ethics and practice.

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