NURS3046 Nursing Project


1. Legal Considerations of Scenario Task:

“Consider the legislation or legal concepts that may have an impact on Sandra’s Scenario?”

  • Someof the points raised in the group discussion that could be the focus of your essay:
    • Consentof a minor
    • InformedConsent
    • Dutyof Care
    • Negligence
    • Negligencein regard to parents
    • Confidentiality
    • Documentation
    • Communication
    • Privacy
    • Guardianship

2. Developing Competence Task:

“What is competence as defined for our professional practice and how do we develop competence?”

  • Sothe question is two parts the first being “What is competence as defined for our professional practice?” -­? This is essentially a definition of competence within nursing look the the NMBA Competency standards
  • The second part is “ How do we develop competence?” -­? for this part discuss the processby which competence is build as a nurse
  • Think about the NMBA standerds again and you current scope of practice – how do you getthere?
  • You could approach this by considering one of the frameworks included in the tutorial suchas SOLO’s Taxonomy, Dreyfus’ Model of Skill Acquisition or Benner’s Novice to Expert
  • Youcould consider what strategies are used to achieve this?

3. Professional Reflection Task:

“Why is Professional Reflection important not just for the individual person but also for the development of a profession”

  • Withinthis question consider what you are experiencing through the process of professional reflection, any obstacles to the process and how you can overcome or managed these
  • Butalso try to apply the importance of reflective practice to developing the entire professional body of nursing
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