NURS3046 Nursing Project


You need to choose a critically unwell patient who is suffering from one of the following primary problems:

• cardiac problem

Briefly introduce the patient you have chosen:

• use a systematic approach to:

-describe in detail how you would perform a patient assessment on your chosen patient using the primary and secondary assessment model

– describe your assessment findings

– identify appropriate emergency intervention(s), relating it/them to your local guidelines/policies and procedures.

• Include the following in your assessment:

– describe the priorities of assessment and management for the patient

– explain the physiological changes for the patient and relate them to the signs and symptoms presented

– describe how you would evaluate the effectiveness of nursing interventions

– describe how you would evaluate the patient’s understanding of their current health status and the effectiveness of your communication with the critically ill patient

– what immediate interventions need to occur following your assessment?

– identify three stressors for this patient and what you could do to minimise their impact

– identify the essential components that need to be covered when transferring this patient

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