NURS3046 Nursing Project


Case 1- Arthur is admitted to your ward via the Emergency Department following a tonic-clonic seizure. Declan, the Registered Nurse who admits Arthur, reviews the medical admission notes which record Arthur’s long history of epilepsy, characterised by an increasing incidence of episodes of status epilepticus. Arthur is accompanied by his daughter, June, who is his primary carer at home. June speaks with Declan about her father, stating that he is experiencing more frequent seizures, and that neither the medication prescribed nor the Deep Brain Stimulation procedure recently performed, have been effective in improving his condition. She also reports that Arthur is increasingly drowsy at home, and has difficulty making decisions; on occasions, he is confused and disorientated. June also informs Declan that she has Enduring Power of Attorney, and requests that in the event that her father should have a cardio-pulmonary arrest, she does not want him to be resuscitated. Declan asks June if she has discussed this matter with her father. She replies: “No, Dad wouldn’t understand”. Declan is uncomfortable about June’s request.

1. Identify the ethical issues raised by the events described in your chosen case study
2. Analyse those ethical issues in relation to:

· the notions of human dignity and human rights,

· your professional codes of ethics/conduct

· relevant professional policies and/or legislation; and

· the principles of health care ethics studied in this unit

3. Make recommendations for professional practice
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