NURS3015 Australian Health Care System


1. Choose one of the theories listed below and explain how it would apply to nursing care and nursing practice.

  • Peplau’s theory
  • Systems theory
  • Basic human needs theory
  • Developmental theory
  • Psychosocial theory

2. The Australian health care system has evolved over time.

a. Describe the historical origins of the Australian healthcare system and explain how it has evolved into the current healthcare system we have in Australia today.

b. Identify and discuss at least two strengths and two weakness relating to the overall structure of the current Australian Healthcare system.

3. Many countries suffer health inequalities, including Australia. In Western societies, social issues continue to emerge as the gap between those with and those without economic resources grows.

a. In what ways, do you think an individual’s financial status affects their ability to access health resources?

b. Outline the social determinants that you consider disadvantage people and create health inequalities.

c. Explain the healthcare issues and it’s the impacts for healthcare deliver for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

d. Identify one health issue facing people from a non-western country  and discuss the factors that may impact on this health issue (consider culture, environment, resources etc.).

4. Part of your education includes experiences in different types of healthcare settings.

a. How would the role of the Enrolled nurse in the primary care setting be different from their role in the acute care setting? Within your answer discuss the members of the health care team who the Enrolled nurse would most likely be working alongside

b. Discuss the principles and philosophical framework of primary health care. Within your answer explain how the principles of wellness can be incorporated into the nurses care

5. Discuss the following features and roles of the Australian health care system: within your answers cover political and economical impacts on health care delivery
a. State vs Federal health care funding  
b. Provide a brief explaination of how you would explain Medicare vs Private Health Insurance to a family member
c. Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme
6. Explain the roles of the following nursing bodies using your own words:
a. Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia
b. Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation
7. Select one current health issue in Australia from the National Health Priority Areas as outlined in the following weblink Discuss initiatives that are already in place to address this issue.
In your answer identify an appropriate support service in Australia which is available to support people with this health issue.
8. Identify one non-western approach to healthcare
Explain how this could be incorporated into the care provided for people within the Australian healthcare system.
9. Locate the  “DMF A4 nursing summary guide – 2010 – rebranded” document from assist you to identify the issues outlined in the following case study:
This evening when you report for your shift on to your general medical ward, the charge nurse tells you that you need to assist on the orthopaedic ward. You have not had any recent experience with orthopaedic patients.  When you arrive on the orthopaedic ward, the charge nurse allocates you patients who require special techniques for getting out of bed and who need to do exercises using specialised equipment during the shift. You are not familiar with the techniques or the equipment. The charge nurse tells you that the patients can explain it to you.
a. Should you accept this assignment and rely on the patients to explain the techniques and equipment to you? provide 2 rationales for your answer  
b. What aspects of the Standard for Practice: Enrolled Nurses (2016) need to be considered in this situation? Please access this document to assist with your answer
c. What action(s) would you take? – provide at least 2 actions
10. Identify one current health promotion strategy in Australia. (Possible examples include: smoking cessation, reduction of binge drinking, skin cancer awareness.)
a. Evaluate the effectiveness of this health promotion strategy (i.e. what is good/bad about it/does it work)
b. Identify any risk factors associated with the health issue targeted by the health promotion strategy and explain which health professional may be able to assist with that health issue and why.
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