NURS3012 Annotated Bibliography


An individual annotated bibliography .

Write an annotation on each in two parts:
A brief description of the paper including an introduction, aims of the study and research methods, findings, limitations and conclusions.

A conclusion outlining your perspective of the key message/s you could apply to your nursing practice.


1. Yamamoto, S., Arao, H., Masutani, E., Aoki, M., Kishino, M., Morita, T., … & Miyashita, M. (2017). Decision making regarding the place of end-of-life cancer care: the burden on bereaved families and related factors. Journal of pain and symptom management, 53(5), 862-870.
2. Odachi, R., Tamaki, T., Ito, M., Okita, T., Kitamura, Y., & Sobue, T. (2017). Nurses’ Experiences of End-of-life Care in Long-term Care Hospitals in Japan: Balancing Improving the Quality of Life and Sustaining the Lives of Patients Dying at Hospitals. Asian nursing research, 11(3), 207-215.
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