NURS3006 Transition To Professional Practice 3


As you approach a life-long journey of continuing professional development and professional currency, it is important
for you as transitioning registered nurses and registered midwives to reflect on how far you have come and what
your new graduate year may look like.

Understanding what factors may influence your transition, what strategies you may use to enhance your transition and the types of resources available for you to access to facilitate your individual transition to practice, will help you  evaluate, reflect and set personal goals as you enter your new career.

Aim of assessment

The aim of this assessment provides students with an opportunity to critically analyse and discuss the relationship between the theoretical construct of ’being a professional nurse or midwife’ and the transition to graduate practice.


Write an essay based on the case study exploring the different elements that inform your preparation for transition to professional practice. Based on current theoretical perspectives, analyse the case study and explain the importance of managing clinical and non-clinical skills essential for new graduate nurses or new graduate midwives to address in readiness for meeting professional responsibilities as capable practitioners in nursing and midwifery. 
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