NURS3002 Supplementary Assessment System


Part 1
Discuss two decision making theories you have covered in your tutorials for this topic. What are the identifying features of the theories? How do they develop in nurses? When would you chose to use one theory over another? What are the strengths and limitations of these theories? You must support with relevant, current literature and demonstrate a link to nursing throughout.

Part 2

Outline this patient in no more than 250 words to provide the clinical context for the rest of the paper. Ensure you deidentify the patient and do not use their real name. Discuss their reason for admission and their care needs. Provide relevant medical and social history as required to provide context.

Discuss three issues the patient was facing at the time you cared for them. These need to be issues that you were involved in assessing and managing while on PEP. Be explicit in detailing your role. Discuss why these were issues for this patient, how do they relate to this admission? How did you assess them? Link this to the decision-making theory you used and the clinical reasoning you undertook when assessing this patient.

Discuss how you addressed each of these issues in terms of nursing management and providing care. Again, you need to support with evidence-based literature to support your therapeutic interventions. You need to identify which decision-making theory you used here and how you moved through clinical reasoning to manage the care of this patient.

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