NURS3002 Essentials Of Palliative Care


Ensure you make it explicit that yin base used a pseudonym. Breaches patient or staff confidentiality %sill result in 0 marks being asarded and therefore a fail grade for this assessment 
A dear concise and relevant title. try to make u interesting to capture the reader’s attention. hires uisat he introduction should he approximately ID% of the total word count
• The introduction should ciswly state %%hat the topic of the essay is and briefly outline the main points to be discussed
• The remainder of the essay should folios the outline included in the introduction
• Explain that patient confidentiality has been maintained and a pseudonym has been used for staff. patients andior families included in the essay. 
Main NIA,
• Include relinam information about the patient including physiological, psychological. and sociological factors • Include a concise outline of the key nursing problems and also if the patient is at risk of developing further problems and shy
• Assigned a clear. mmurable goal to each problem Explain hos% each problem has been priontized and %shy Consider the entire patient care period
• Identifies areas for improvement and oft T possible alternatives for each 
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